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Verbesserung der Patientenerfahrung durch konvergente Verbindungslösungen


Step into the future of healthcare.

Explore our state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center™ in Chicago, where you will experience our immersive healthcare solutions showcase. 


Join us for a tailored tour led by our team of experts as we walk you through our Enhanced Patient Experience Showcase. Discover firsthand how we're reshaping the landscape of healthcare, seamlessly integrating technologies to elevate patient satisfaction and boost staff retention rates.

Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare excellence.

Meet our experts:


Matt Odell

Digital Automation Consultant


Matthew Odell, RCDD, ist Berater für digitale Automatisierung bei Belden und fungiert als unser Experte für das Gesundheitswesen vor Ort. Er ist spezialisiert auf komplexe Projekte und neue Technologien in der Welt des Gesundheitswesens. Bevor er zu Belden kam, war Matt zwei Jahrzehnte lang in praktischen Netzwerkfunktionen bei einer bekannten Gesundheitseinrichtung sowie neun Jahre in der Gesundheitstechnologie tätig. In diesen Positionen arbeitete er in branchenführenden Bereichen im Gesundheitswesen, in Hyperscale-Rechenzentren und in Planungs-/Bauumgebungen. Matt ist aktives Mitglied mehrerer Verbände der Gesundheitsbranche und war als BICSI-Regionaldirektor tätig.

Henry Franc

Manager, Solution Consultant


Henry Franc, RCDD OSP CDCP, is a smart buildings solutions consultant manager for Belden, specializing in healthcare and data center design, planning and building. With more than 30 years of industry experience, he acts as a trusted advisor for large, complex healthcare projects. His international standards work crosses technologies and industries. Currently, he serves as the TIA TR-42 committee chair for premises cabling standards and vice chair of the TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee. He also helped establish ANSI/TIA-1179, Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard.

Ronald Tellas

Manager, Technology and Applications



Ron Tellas joined Belden in 2016 as a subject-matter expert in RF design and electromagnetic propagation. With 16 patents to his name, his mission is to help define the technology and application roadmap for smart buildings, including smart hospitals. He's recognized industry-wide for his contributions, recently receiving the Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry and a TIA Start Award. As a cabling standards expert, he prioritizes reading and understanding standards so he can help healthcare clients minimize downtime, reduce expenses and simplify networks. He represents Belden in the ISO WG3 Committee, TIA TR-42 Premises Cabling Standards, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group and Connected Technologies Industry Consortium. He's also a member of NFPA 70 Code-Making Panel 3 and 16.

Jake Jordan

Solution Account Manager


Jake Jordan is a solutions account manager for Belden, specializing in healthcare. Step by step, he guides healthcare clients through their digitization journeys at their own pace. In addition to his experience in specifying and deploying solutions for healthcare IT applications, he also brings several years of technology and infrastructure experience to his role. Jake acts as a trusted advisor for healthcare projects of all kinds, assessing clients' needs and finding technology capabilities to overcome the daily challenges they face-from improving the patient experience to retaining qualified workers.

Alan Halloy

Solution Account Manager


Alan Halloy is a strategic account manager for Belden, specializing in large national healthcare accounts. He consults and collaborates with healthcare professionals to help them provide the highest-quality patient care possible and optimize their healthcare system operations. Alan has been involved with healthcare and technology for more than two decades-10 of those years within Belden. He excels at understanding the needs of healthcare clients on a technical, operational and financial level and helps them understand how their technology decisions can affect performance and care.

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