Taking a Collaborative Approach to Your Next Data Center Project

Shad Sechrist
If two heads are better than one when it comes to problem-solving, then we’ve got great news: Belden has an entire data center team ready to brainstorm with you.


Over the past year or two, as we thought about the data center environment, we took a hard look at the status quo to pinpoint what was missing: a truly collaborative approach to data center solutions. A partner that listens, works beside you, takes time to find-or create-the right solution and stands beside you to make sure it delivers what you expect.


How can you get what you need if no one is asking questions about your goals, your challenges, your plans for the future or what success looks like to you? Your answer will never be the same as anyone else's, which is why we don't respond by giving you an out-of-the-box answer. We like to sit around the design table (literally or figuratively) to get to know you, what makes you unique and what your data center needs. Everyone in the room is important, from the installers to the end-users.


Our in-house experts, engineers and specialists are strategically located around the globe so they can be part of your process-wherever you are. They've been the masterminds behind data center infrastructure projects of all sizes all over the world, creating tailored systems that adapt to specific, mission-critical facility requirements.


"Collaboration" means that we get to explore and generate ideas with you. Bei der Besprechung von Konzepten generieren wir Ergebnisse, die nicht möglich wären, wenn eine Person in einem Silo arbeiten und versuchen würde, das Problem allein zu lösen. Collaboration results in innovation-and innovation gives organizations the motivation they need to thrive. The more we collaborate, the stronger our working relationship becomes. We can discuss ideas openly, share constructive criticism and celebrate successes.


Unser kollaborative Ansatz setzt zunächst den Schwerpunkt auf Ziele, Herausforderungen und betriebliche Erwägungen sowie auf die Schaffung einer optimalen Lösung, die in Ihre Rechenzentrumsumgebung passt. We also understand the nuances of each data center market. For example, we know that colocation data centers—one area of focus for Belden—face unique challenges.

We design solutions to help colocation data centers effectively manage space and density for maximize utilization. Belden can help you take advantage of every square inch, right down to the rack space. This allows you to make the most of your facility while ensuring that clients can streamline the amount of space they need to lease.


From initial installation to moves, adds and changes down the road, we also keep ease of use in mind, making use of space in a way that also allows you easy access to components when you need it.


From your parking space to your rack space, Belden offers data center solutions perfectly tailored to you. Because we own our manufacturing process, we can create exactly what you need. And we've invested in the tools and resources to bring your ideas to life quickly:


  • Our F1 Center of Excellence is dedicated to creating your custom fiber optic assemblies. Here, we develop solutions from the ground up for customers who can’t find what they need elsewhere. If you can dream it, we can do it.
  • Next-day fiber shipping options get you cabling and connectivity fast. Belden is working with its vast network of distributors to offer installers and integrators same-day shipping on 60+ fiber cable and connectivity products.
  • Mobile Collaboration Centers bring Belden straight to you so you can ask questions, learn more about data centers and see our data center solutions up close and hands on
Belden’s holistic data center solutions range from power and cooling to security, access control, monitoring and more.


Whatever your data transmission requirements, we've got you covered. Our rapid deployment combines with scalable, flexible and space-saving solutions to simplify your projects. Richten Sie Cages ein, nehmen Sie Clients schnell in Betrieb und planen Sie Erweiterungen ohne Beeinträchtigung der stets verfügbaren Verbindungstechnik ein.


Count on Belden for worry-free, reliable and cost-effective systems that support your data transmission needs while providing the quality and service your customers trust.